Roundtable Discussions

Looking to get peer insight on a particular topic or challenge? Don't miss the 2012 Networking Roundtables held each day of the conference—twice over lunch and once over breakfast—giving you ample time for the exchange of ideas and solutions.

Moderated by SGS Advisory Council members, the roundtables are the perfect forum for exchanging problems and solutions, best and worst practices, and challenges unique to your business.

The SGS committee is currently preparing topics for 2012. Below is a rundown of past topics that attendees have discussed in depth. Please return to the site later to view our 2012 offerings. Thank you.

1. Business Reorganization Lessons from the Recession
2. Ideas for Corporate Social Responsibility
3. Retaining Your Best Clients
4. The HR Forum: From Recruiting to Benefit Programs
5. Differentiating from Your Competitors
6. Waste Reduction and Efficiency Improvements
7. When the Government is the Customer
8. The Emerging Market for Textiles
9. Evaluating a New Equipment Purchase
10. Forum on Sign Codes and Legislation
11. Decreasing Your Company’s Carbon Footprint
12. Moving Graphics: Wraps, Trucks and More
13. Supply Chain Management
14. How to Target a Potential New Market
15. The M&A Decision: For Those Thinking of Buying
16. The M&A Decision: For Those Thinking of Selling
17. Finding Environmentally Friendly Materials
18. Implementing a Lean Manufacturing Strategy
19. What’s the Prognosis for Screen Printing?
20. Keys to Building Sales
21. Inventory Management Strategies
22. The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing
23. Workflow Management Ideas
24. Niche Marketing Strategies
25. Developing a Succession Plan
26. Which Value-Added Services Do Clients Really Value?
27. Electronic Digital Signage: Threat or Opportunity?
28. Developing Business Growth Plans
29. Establishing an Installation Network
30. Tax Strategies for the Year