The Signage and Graphics Summit is the only event that brings together top-tier executives from high-volume sign, digital-printing and screen-printing companies—to discuss common challenges, learn best practices and explore new avenues for growth as these industries converge. Plus, for 2012, we have some new attendee programs (see below). So join us and:

* glean insight from graphics-industry veterans and business-management experts
* share growth and cost-cutting strategies with your peers in a non-competitive environment
* identify markets, trends and technologies that can impact your bottom line
* make valuable industry contacts for year-round networking and feedback

The conference is a combination of educational seminars, roundtable discussions, networking and social events—all designed to facilitate open discussion on macro-level topics critical to the success of your business. And it takes place in January, when most executive teams are in strategy mode. You'll leave this conference with a head full of ideas for boosting profitability, and a pocket full of contacts to help you implement them.


  • SGS Match: Learn more about SGS sponsors. Attend a private fact-finding meeting so you get an overview of a sponsor’s products and services.
  • LinkedIn Discussions: Alumni, sponsors and future attendees will take part in invitation-only meetings via LinkedIn during 2011.
  • Webinars: New topics are on tap this year heading into 2012.
  • SGS Social Events: Alumni, sponsors and registered attendees will partake in cocktail parties at other major industry shows.